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I would like to share some links with you. 


Dr. Georges Henri Dieudonné Jahr (1801-1875), is one of the first disciples of Hahnemann. Because of his German nationality he fled from Paris to Brussels during the Franco-German war (1870 - 1871). He organises meetings in the town hall of Brussels. At the same time he holds many consultations in the dispensary in the Rue de Laeken.


Daguereotype van G.H.D. Jahr 



As a first step, I would like to link to Unio Homeopathica Belgica (UHB), the professional association of doctors, dentists and veterinarians.


Within the UHB, DynHom conducts research on the composition of homeopathic medicines. I refer to page 298 of the book. On you can find very interesting videos of the experiments carried out in this research.


This research costs a lot of money. If, after reading the book, you are convinced of the importance of integrating homeopathic medicine into health care, your financial support is welcome. I refer to page 332 of the book.

Donations can be made by transferring the money to the account "Unio Homeopathica Belgica" with the reference: "Donation Research for Homeopathy".

IBAN: BE25 0882 4940 5482 BIC: CKCCBEBB.


If you would like a tax certificate, please mention this in the communication.



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