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I would like to share reactions from a number of readers with you. 





Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843).

Founder of homeopathic medicine

Daguerreotype taken on 30 September 1841



A life story with interesting information about your career. Sprinkled with anecdotes from everyday life. Congratulations!



What a great book, beautifully and powerfully published.



I started reading your book on Friday and it is now Sunday evening and I have finished it! What a fantastic, amazing and good book you have written! I was already a "fan" and now I am even more!



Congratulations on the book! First of all a strong title, but also the content is very interesting. A wealth of experience and a fascinating insight into the beautiful and difficult sides of the daily application of homeopathy.

Congratulations on this book! It really needed to be written. It captivated me from the first page to the last and resonates in every fibre of my body. In addition, it put a number of things I "feel" or know from my practice into a more theoretical framework. I found the schism in medical thinking (empiricism/vitalism versus reductionism/rationalism) particularly fascinating. It is so valuable to have this feeling, this experience of mine, framed in a theoretical way. I share your indignation at the way homeopathy is still (increasingly?) thrown into the "superstition and charlatan" pile. It is said not to work "because it can't work". This way of thinking seems to me delusional and unfortunately not in the interest of the patient. That homeopathy works, I have experienced (as a patient in your practice) for years. The pragmatic psychologist William James already said: "The truth is what works". - If it works, it works. And if you can't explain HOW it works in your frame of mind, then that's your problem. But just because you can't explain how it works, doesn't mean it doesn't work. So it's a shame that the hand extended to your colleagues is stubbornly refused - especially in these days of Corona. The section on the pharmaceutical industry was also very informative. I really enjoyed reading this book and would like to thank you explicitly for the pleasure of reading it, for your wisdom and insights. I am grateful and proud that you have been my "bodyguard" for years.



Congratulations on your book, as it is easy to read - which is not always the case with this kind of work -, engaging and the obvious presence of enthusiasm and conviction is a joy to read......

I read your book "Bodyguard"! 

I read about a warm human being who really wants to heal people. 

It's so bad that homeopathic medicine is still not taken seriously.

So many people would be better because of it. 

I myself have chosen homeopathic medicine for 50 years, with such wonderful results!



Your book and website together form a powerful and impressive duo.



I enjoyed reading your well written book. Very interesting, but what a struggle you have in this country.


I just finished your book and I can't help but congratulate you! It's really top notch!


Fascinating and good insight from start to finish, easy to read, interesting, full of wisdom and written with passion! I also want to thank you for your dedication, courage, energy, talent, research ...

With this book, a stone has been turned. 

Not only does it give an insight into how homeopathy works, but the 40 cases are informative and very enjoyable to read.

As a mother of two sons, I have followed our own cases from the front row.  

I have regularly observed the phenomenal effect that homeopathic treatment can have,

without having to resort to very invasive medicines.

I am so glad that homeopathy exists! Such a missed opportunity for the health of those who don't want to know!

Let's hope that even the critics will dare to dive into this book 😉 .

After all - as quoted here:

'Just because we don't understand something (yet) doesn't mean it doesn't exist...'.

Besides, the title of the book is very appropriate! 

We feel safe in the office of our "bodyguard". His vision of medicine is global.

The dream of a "single medicine" in which homeopathic treatment exists alongside conventional medicines is already a reality in this practice. Thank you for this! Thank you also for sharing your knowledge with all those who wish to do so!



I would like to congratulate you on your beautifully written book Bodyguard.

I really enjoyed your journey through your 40 years of general practice.

It is clearly written with a lot of passion and a great deal of knowledge.

And what an appropriate title!  

I find the photo on the cover of your book a powerful means of expression and communication. You stand out from the crowd by showing half of who you are.

The book reads very easily, it is informative, powerful, respectful and it makes me think!

It travels with me. But it also shows up here, at my work. I recommend it to everyone!

In fact, I think this book should be required reading in medical school as it is very informative.

Thanks Bodyguard 😊

Thank you Dr Scheepers for the fight you are leading!

My family has been convinced of the power of homeopathy for many years. Unfortunately, I often had to justify (or worse "keep quiet") this choice in my circle of family and friends. As I became a mother and did not have a good feeling with the prescribed medication (antibiotics over and over again), I ended up seeing a homeopathic doctor on the advice of a friend and stayed with this medicine.  We have been very well helped since then. I want to thank you because now, thanks to your book, I have a fantastic tool to help the critics around me to perhaps come to a different understanding. Your book is very convincing and will certainly make everyone who reads it think!

I hope you will continue to struggle but also to write.



My daughter, who was at your consultation, brought your book and ..... I read it immediately... 

Leon, how beautiful, honest and humble of you to have written your 40 years learning process (because one can learn all his life as long as he is open to it, which you have done and are doing)!

Thank you for this beautiful book and thank you for all the good care you are giving us, now and in the future.



Let me congratulate you on your book. I read it with great interest and learned a lot, of course I got confirmation of what we already knew for a long time, homeopathy works and still faces daily resistance from conventional doctors.



In the meantime I read your book. It is good that you have written this, what a commitment to our health, your dedication moves me.



In the meantime I have read your book.  I learned a lot and found it very good. The part about the anecdotes was a bit more difficult for a layman like me, but some re-reading made it clear enough.  I think your book is very well researched. All the info you give with the anecdotes, and in the other chapters, I can't digest, so much info, but it's super interesting to read. Your passion for the work shines through and we all feel good about that. Thanks Leon!



I just want to tell you that I read your book and I am pleasantly surprised by your way of writing (clear and understandable) and by the content. For a layman (like me) it is now much clearer that homeopathy does indeed have an important added value! Thank you for the book. It made me aware of some things and I learned something new. 

(Note: this comment was written by a colleague with no connection to homeopathy)




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